Boost Your Business with Moosend: A Comprehensive Review

09/07/2023 12:00 AM by Admin in Digital marketing

Looking for a game-changing email marketing and automation solution? Look no further. Moosend is a modern and intuitive platform that drives real revenue growth-edge features and a user-friendly interface.

With Moosend, you can effortlessly personalize your campaigns, create captivating content, and build stronger connections with your audience. Say goodbye to generic mass emails and hello to tailored marketing strategies that resonate.

Experience the convenience of Moosend's drag-and-drop email editor, which empowers seasoned marketers to create professional-looking campaigns without any coding knowledge. Plus, its robust analytics and reporting features allow you to track the success of your data-driven decisions.

Discover the unrivaled power of Moosend and join the ranks of satisfied marketers who have witnessed remarkable growth with this innovative platform. Simplify your workflow, amplify your revenue, and take your email marketing strategy to new heights.

Stay tuned for our dive into the transformative potential of Moosend and share success stories from businesses that have already experienced its remarkable impact.

Ready to unleash the potential of your email marketing? Dive into Moosend today.

Moosend Review Summary

Moosend offers affordable pricing, $9/month. However, the pay-as-you-go credits are not very accessible to small businesses, as the smallest bundle is $350. The platform provides various useful features, including a drag-and-drop email builder, landing page builder, marketing automation, and detailed reporting. Overall, Moosend is an excellent option for those seeking low-cost automation workflows.

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Pros and Cons


  • Incorporated Pro Capabilities at an Accessible Price Point

You can enjoy advanced features like multi-step marketing automation workflows, comprehensive tracking, SPAM management, and design testing for a remarkably low monthly cost, starting from just $9. Plus, you'll benefit from unlimited email usage.

  • Responsive and Swift Customer Support

Our dedicated support team is readily available through live chat, conveniently accessible directly from within the editors. I have personally experienced prompt responses and found their assistance invaluable in resolving any inquiries I've had.

  • Exceptional Reporting Functionality

Our reporting tools are exceptionally comprehensive and thoughtfully organized, offering insights such as a click heatmap, geolocation data, and detailed information about email client preferences and device usage.


  • Room for Improvement in Signup Form Templates

The signup form and landing page templates currently in use could benefit from a refresh. Additionally, expanding the range of form templates would be highly beneficial, as the current selection is limited to newsletter subscription forms.

  • Lack of a Free Plan

Regrettably, Moosend has discontinued its freemium plan, which used to offer substantial value and features.

Moosend's Newsletter Service

mail You should use this service if:

Searching for a Budget-Friendly Email Marketing Solution?

Moosend presents a compelling option with its offering of unlimited emails, professional features, and emails free from branding.

Seeking Exceptional Marketing Automation Templates?

Look no further. Moosend provides 18 detailed and diverse templates, enabling you to effortlessly establish time-saving workflows within minutes.

Desire Comprehensive Reporting Tools?

Moosend's reporting capabilities are extensive, encompassing crucial data such as click maps, geolocation insights, revenue generated from campaigns, and insights into email client preferences.

mail You should NOT use this service if:

Seeking an All-in-One Solution?

It's important to note that Moosend lacks CRM functionality and falls short in terms of direct integrations with third-party applications, especially when compared to other email services.

Prioritizing Superior Email Deliverability?

In our email deliverability assessments, Moosend performed only moderately. For better deliverability within a similar price range, consider exploring alternatives like MailerLite.

In Search of a Free Email Marketing Solution?

If a free service is what you're after, you may need to explore other options, as Moosend offers only a 30-day free trial. Take a look at these free email marketing platforms instead.

Moosend Mobile Web Application

Moosend has recently introduced its mobile app, offering marketers a comprehensive tool for managing their email marketing campaigns while on the move. This mobile app enables users to:

  1. View, duplicate, or delete their email marketing campaigns.
  2. Navigate through various campaign folders, such as Draft, Scheduled, and Sent.
  3. Modify email campaign settings as needed.
  4. Select a specific email list or segment for targeting.
  5. Send campaigns immediately or schedule them for future delivery.
  6. Access all of their email marketing campaigns in one place.
  7. Send test email campaigns for quality assurance.
  8. Review campaign reports and analytics.
  9. Activate and manage email automation campaigns.
  10. Edit landing pages and signup forms directly from the app.

The Moosend mobile app is a highly convenient addition for their customers, empowering them to efficiently handle their email marketing responsibilities while on the go. Read more here



Moosend vs GetResponse

When comparing Moosend and GetResponse, there are a few key factors to consider. Firstly, both platforms offer a range of features for email marketing and automation. However, Moosend distinguishes itself with its user-friendly interface and intuitive drag-and-drop editor, while GetResponse offers a more comprehensive set of tools and advanced analytics. Additionally, Moosend provides excellent customer support and offers competitive pricing plans, making it a great choice for small to medium-sized businesses. On the other hand, GetResponse is ideal for larger enterprises due to its robust automation capabilities and extensive integration options. Ultimately, the choice between the two depends on your specific needs and budget.


Moosend, while having some limitations in terms of integrations and form templates, remains a compelling choice for small businesses and entrepreneurs. Its affordability and inclusion of advanced features make it a service worth considering when selecting an email marketing platform for your business. The inclusion of unlimited emails across all plans is a significant advantage, and the absence of intrusive branding on your emails is another noteworthy benefit.

All in all, Moosend presents a cost-effective and feature-rich solution that should not be dismissed lightly when making your email marketing service decision. With its competitive offerings, it's certainly worth exploring without much to lose.

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